Silver Cloud Studios

My interest in and practice of photography date to around 1962. In 1973 my photographic interest turned to the history of photography and early photographic processes. I produced my first daguerréotypes in 1974 (without ever having seen one) and although I also succeeded in obtaining images from the camera by means of other early photographic processes, the charming process of M. Daguerre had won a place in my heart not shared by others. It remains to this day my primary avenue of photographic expression. --Tom Young.


Self Portrait, 1993


My work has been exhibited at the following venues:

The George Eastman House; Rochester, NY
The Chrysler Museum; Norfolk, VA
A Photographer's Place; NYC, NY
Ohio State University 1 1
The New England School of Photography; Boston, MA
The Silver Eye Center for Photography (in collaboration with the Daguerreian Society); Pittsburgh, PA

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The images below are part of the 170th Anniversary of the Process Exhibition in Bry-sur-Marne (Paris), France: "Héritage de Daguerre," September 12 to October 18, 2009.

Thomas E.S. Young II, 1992



Snowscape with Small Trees, 1993



Icy Stream, 1991



Jeepster in Motion, 2001


Aunt Jean's Dolls, 2000




The following images are a further sampling of daguerréotypes by the artist.



"Tita's Eyes" 4"x5", 1996 * Not for sale


"Aunt Jean's Dolls II" 4"x5", 2000 * For sale


"Standing Stones I" 4"x5", 1999 * Not for sale


"Overturned Wheelbarrow" 4"x5", 1999 * For sale


"Frigid Stream" 4"x5", 1991 * Not for sale


"Helen and Nadje" 4"x5", 1994 * Not for sale


"Geraniums" 4"x5", 2006 * Not for sale


"Jeepster Interior" 4"x5", 2001 * Not for sale